A custom branded app is a great way to deliver you company or event branding throughout the experience. This means that attendees would be invited to download an app with an icon and name of your choice, instead of a non-branded one.

Your branded app can either be used either for a single event or an entire events program.

How to get started?

First, you will need an icon and name for the app. 

From our experience and based on the AppStore and Google Play policies,
we recommend you not using the registered trademark/logo/naming on the app icon and company name. Alternatively, you should use a logo and name related and representative of a specific event, your events program or your company. 

The icon should have a resolution of 1024x1024 and shouldn't contain any text, unless that text is part of the branding itself.

The app name should be short and you need to make sure there aren't already any apps with the same name in the AppStore or Google Play.

Publishing the app

Our team will review the app icon and name you provided and deploy the app, so that attendees can download your app and access your event(s) on iOS devices, Android devices or both.

This process takes a minimum of 3 working days and a maximum of 10, so if you wish your attendees to access your event in a branded app, make sure to reserve enough time before your event(s) start.

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