After importing your attendee list and making sure your event content is done, visit the Invite Emails on the left panel of your event.
Invite Emails are usually sent a few days before the event starts, providing a link for your attendees to download the mobile app and to join your event.

To create a new invite email, click the + button in the top right corner. Choose an email template such as the Pre Event Email template and select your recipients, such as Attendees, Staff and Speakers.

After reviewing the email subject and copy, click save or schedule it to be sent at a specific time and date. If you choose to save it, you may send it right away afterwards.

If you want to create a new email template with different content and reuse it later, send the subject title and the body text to our customer success team and they will create a new email template for you.

After sending them, attendees will receive your invite email with general briefing information and an link to download the attendee app and join the event.

See demo video:

Related Questions

Whats the difference between Simple filters and Complex filters?

Under Recipients, you have the possibility to change from Simple to Complex filters.

By default, the Simple filters option is selected. This is used to add one group of several delegates with the same status: Admins; Delegates; have been checked in and many other filters.

Complex filters are used when you want to add more than one filter and/or a group of delegates.
As an example,  to send an invite email to admins that have not logged in yet you: choose are Admins filter; click inside Recipients and choose the "and that" option; click again inside Recipients and select the have not logged in filter.
Or to add a particular group of delegates: after you select an attendee, click inside Recipients choose "," and select another attendee. If you want to add more attendees, just repeat this process.

Is it an invite email enough?

We always suggest our clients sending one or two follow-up emails before the event starts. From our experience, this will dramatically increase the number of attendees using the app.

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