1. To get started, find the event in your account's events calendar. Next, open the Follow Up Emails page from the menu on the left. Click the + button on the top right to create a Thank You email.
  2. Select an email template. By default, Eventfuel offers you with an example email. Anyways, if you want to create a new email template with different content and reuse it later, send the subject title and the body text to our customer success team and they will create a new email template for you.

3. Select the recipients for the Thank You email. This will usually be all attendees who have been checked in.

4. Edit the email subject and body. You may use placeholders in your email such as delegate first name, event name and more.

5. If you enabled the ability for attendees to take notes and sketches with the app, you may choose to attach these to the email. You may also attach a document to the email, such as any follow up material.

Please be aware that enabling Track user clicks on email's links will let you see who opened the Thank You email but increases the risk of your email being marked as spam.

6. Finally, if you wish to schedule the email, simply select a day and time and then click Create Event Email. The email will be sent accordingly with the country time zone where the event takes place.
If you have decided not to schedule the email delivery, you may send it manually from the Event Emails page after creating the email.

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