In the left panel of your event you will find the Agenda tab. The Agenda page lets you build your event agenda and update it at any time, even after the event has started.

To create a new agenda item, simply double click on a time slot or click the + button on the top right of the page. Editing an existing agenda item is as easy as clicking on it.

Each agenda item consists of its start and end times, title (usually the talk or session name) and summary. Optionally, you can also specify inside each agenda item the venue location; which speakers are presenting; upload attachments and select Tracks.
For items such as registration, coffee breaks and networking sessions, you may specify an activity icon which will then be displayed in the mobile app. 

Attachments and Locations

Under the Agenda tab, you will find Attachments and Locations tabs. To upload several attachments or create different locations at once, you should use these tabs by clicking the + button on the top right of each page.
Later you can easily add these to each and correct agenda item.

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