1. To get started, click the + button on your account's event calendar. The event creation wizard asks you a few basic questions after which you can start building content such as the agenda and speaker profiles.

2. Start by naming your event. This is the reference name for the event. Next, select the event start date, the language of the event app and the timezone for your event.

3. Select or create a theme for the event app. To create a new theme, select new theme from the dropdown and then simply drag & drop a banner (image) on the top of the app preview. If you don't have a banner yet, you will be able to edit it later in the App Content tab.

Next, choose a title for your event. This is usually the same as the event name.

4. To get started building your content, simply scan your personal code on the mobile event app. As you start building the agenda, speaker profiles and other content, they will automatically show up on the app.

Next, learn how to build your event agenda.

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