After building your event content such as the agenda and survey, you will need to import your attendee list. Only then you will be able to send invite emails so attendees may download the mobile app and access your event.

Eventfuel lets you import attendees right from a csv or excel file or from your registration system of choice, such as Eventbrite.

Importing from an excel or csv file

By default, Eventfuel will import attendee lists in the following format:

To successfully import a file, your attendee list spreadsheet must contain these 7 columns with these titles (yellow columns). Also, at least 3 columns must be filled: first name, last name and email. 

After creating an attendee list in this format, simply go to the Attendee List tab of your event in Ground Control, click the + button and select Import Delegates from Spreadsheet.

If you would like to import a spreadsheet with a different format, send it to our customer success team and they will import it for you.

Importing from a registration system

Our customer success team can help you setup an integration with your registration system of choice. This is specially useful if you are running an events program and don't want to export the attendee list from the registration system and upload it to Eventfuel for each event.

Related Questions

I am running a single event and my attendees are registering via a registration system. Do I need to setup an integration?

No, if you are running a single event it is usually simpler to export the registration list to a spreadsheet (this is supported by all major registration systems) and importing it to Eventfuel.

Do I need to have all columns filled out in my attendee list for a successful import?

No, the only columns that need to contain valid data for each attendee are the first name, last name and email columns.

I am using a custom spreadsheet format for several events, do I need to contact the customer success team for each event?

No, after an attendee list format has been configured, it will be available for future events.

My event has simultaneous sessions so I will need multiple tracks. How do I include the track information when uploading attendees?

Add a column to your spreadsheet containing the track, or tracks, for each attendee. As an example, if the column is called Track, and attendee John Appleseed has 1 written in that column, he will be assigned to track_1. Learn more..

I try to import but I get an error informing there is no delegate mapping.

This means that the spreadsheet does not match the correct format. Please make sure the column names are correctly spelled.

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