Preparing loan devices for the event

  1. Pre-install the attendee app on all devices and make sure Bluetooth and Wifi are enabled. Launch the app on each device an accept to receive push notifications and accept location services. (If you are requesting devices from an external provider, they will be able to ship them with the app pre-installed)

  2. As an event manager, join the event on the Manage app, make sure Bluetooth is turned on your device and turn on the self check-in beacon.

3. Keep your device unlocked with the Manage app open and one-by-one, open the attendee app on your loan devices. The self check-in page should automatically appear within seconds, meaning the loan device is ready to be delivered to the attendee.

After all loan devices have the self check-in page open on the attendee app, you may turn off the self check-in beacon on your Manage app.

Check-in and handing out devices

As attendees arrive, hand them their loan devices and instruct them to login the event by typing their first and last name or email address. If their name or email isn't found, use your Manage app's check-in page to find them and open their personal code, which they can scan from the attendee app using the loaned device.

If you want to track which device each delegate has, while you are handing out the device, use your Manage app's check-in page to find them, tap their name and also tap Loan Device.

Once an attendee successfully logs in from the self check-in page, they will be automatically marked as being checked-in at the venue and the system will associate that device with the correct attendee. 

At the end of the event don't forget to double check that all attendees indeed logged out from the loan devices. That way, you will ensure that all data will be correctly saved.
After the event is over, you will have access to the Delegate Report, which displays all profile data for each attendee, along with the loan devices informations. To export this or other reports, open your event from your account's events calendar and find the Reports tab in the Post Event page.


  • If you pretend to test the self check-in page flow, please create a fake attendee in Create, as for security reasons you and other event staff can't login by just typing your name or email address.

  • If some attendees won't be handed out devices, you may check them in manually via the Manage app's check-in page. Learn more..

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