Catch everyone's attention with push notifications. Use them to draw attention to a partner or sponsor promoted side event, activity, booth or workshop.

Get actionable data with Live Polls

Your partners and sponsors are likely to be interested in key insights about your attendees. Polls are quick questions that can be sent throughout the event to all or some of the attendees. Prepare these beforehand with them and see results as soon as attendees start answering.

Share Partner and Sponsor Content

For each item on the agenda you may add related content such as links, decks and other files. As an example, if a partner is delivering a session at your event, being able to have their decks and content just a tap away is invaluable.
Eventfuel also tracks which attendees were most engaged with particular sessions and accessed specific content.

Feature your Sponsors

The Info page on the attendee app is fully flexible and lets you add dynamic content. Showcase sponsors, link to promoted content and get the message out. For top partners and sponsors, you may even feature them on the event banner on the app.

Networking. Partners and Attendees.

The attendee app features full blown chat functionality. Your event partners and sponsors can leverage app networking to break the ice and get the conversation started with attendees.


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