The notes page enables attendees to take notes during an event. This functionality is designed for use cases where attendees are handed an iPad or iPhone to use during the event, loaded with the attendee app and other apps that might be relevant to the event.

After the event has ended, attendees get their notes in a Follow Up email.


Apart from taking notes, attendees can also save documents from other apps to the attendee app. So lets say they have a loan iPad for the day: the feature will allow them to take photos and capture video, create content in apps pre loaded on the iPad and then by saving those documents to the attendee app, get them in the Follow Up email after the event.

Attendees can access the Personal Files view by tapping the info button in the Documents tab. Photos and videos can be added by tapping the + button. Other file types can be added by sharing from other apps or by dragging and dropping.

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