Eventfuel Manage is a mobile app designed to be used by on-site event staff and organisers. Manage features:

  • Live metrics on registration, engagement and survey completion.

  • Check-in tool.

  • Engagement tool for preparing and sending push notifications and live polls; managing session comments; and broadcasting session comments and poll results on stage.

  • Live survey results.

Signing In

  1. Download Eventfuel Manage from the AppStore (the app is only available on iOS).

  2. Open the app and sign in with your email. A confirmation email to authorise your device will be sent to you and once approved, any events you are authorised to manage will show up on the list.

  3. Tap to select and join the event you pretend to manage.

Viewing on the Attendee App

Once you have joined the event on Manage, you may tap View on Attendee App to join the event on the attendee app associated with the event. If you don't have the app installed you will be instructed to do so.

If you have signed in to Manage, you will also have access to your events on any Eventfuel attendee apps you have installed, and vice versa.

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