Manage, Eventfuel's app for on-site staff, helps your team run the fastest possible check-in at the venue.

Well planned logistics however are also an important requirement for success.

Common check-in tasks

  • Marking each registered attendee as being checked-in as they arrive.

  • Helping any attendee who hasn't got the app yet to download it and join the event.

  • Handing out pre-printed badges.

  • Adding walk-in attendees and printing them a badge (if applicable).

Check-in desk layout

  • Allocate at least one staff member for every 40-50 attendees expected to arrive within one (1) hour. Marking an attendee as being checked-in is a simple as finding the person on the list and swiping. But if you are also handing out badges, keep in mind it does takes time to find the correct badge.

  • If you are expecting more than a handful of attendees to arrive without the attendee app installed, consider having a separate desk aimed at helping out these attendees. Logging each attendee into the app is quick, but instructing them to find the app on the AppStore or Google Play and waiting for the download to complete, takes times. You may also need to help them get on the venue WiFi first.

  • If you are expecting more than a handful of walk-ins, consider having a separate desk to handle them, avoiding unnecessary queues on the main check-in desks.

  • Avoid placing check-in desks too close to the venue entrance. If a queue does form up, it could mean attendees uncomfortably queuing outside the venue.

  • Schedule a call with our Customer Success team to go over your check-in layout; And if you are running a bigger event, consider asking Eventfuel for on-site support.

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