If you want to get an agenda setup super quickly. Eventfuel provides a way to get a spreadsheet of information into the agenda very rapidly. This is called "Fast Import" and is accessible from the [More] menu on the agenda screen.

If you have an agenda already outlined in a spreadsheet. This should be as simple as a few tweaks and then a copy paste to get the initial agenda created.

You will need to specify the day (not the date).
We will try and match Speakers (so please check their names are consistent).

Once you have your initial agenda outline ready, you paste it into the Fast Import screen.

Hit "Build" and the agenda should be created in the event.

Good luck! Always feel free to reach out to our team if you need any help.

NB. One thing to be aware of, this is really only designed to be used as a initial import and any successful import will NOT update existing sessions but only add new ones.

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