When organising an event, you may need to have a registration page that allows your invitees to register and confirm their presence.

With Register, creating a simple yet beautiful registration page for your event is a five to ten minute task.

Getting Started

You may jump to Register after logging in to your account in eventfuel.io by clicking on the Create icon drop down in the top left corner. If you don't have a login for Register, ask our support team for one.

  1. Create a new event from the Events page in Register.

  2. Basic info: Type your event name and select a group (ie. 'default').

3. Event information: Type your event city and location, select the timezone for that location, event start and end times and write a short paragraph with any additional information regarding these items (ie. 'Please be sure to arrive 30 minutes in advance for registration').

4. Registration and attendees: Select the maximum capacity for the event, what to do when capacity is reached and the start and end dates for the registration period. Finally, choose the attendee registration profile you wish to include (a form with questions a person needs to answer in order to register for your event).

5. Page options: Customise your registration page layout and design options. Personalise the subject part of your registration page URL, select the page language (by default all registration forms are created in English, but you can use other languages if needed. Register supports a total of 10 languages, from Russian to Portuguese) and write a quick description of your event. Finally, pick one of the available page layout templates.

6. Email options: When a person registers for the event, a confirmation email will be sent. Choose a sender name and email address from which this and other automated emails are sent (ie. 'Peter Parker' from '[email protected]').
You may also customise the message or improve an existing translation on each one of the automated emails that can be sent when invitees register, confirm, cancel or get waitlisted.

7. Finally by clicking Publish, your registration page will be available and you may start sending it out for people to register.

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