When creating a new registration page, one of the tasks is selecting a layout. By accessing the Layouts page from the top bar, you will be able to see all existing layouts or create new ones. To preview an existing layout simply click on it.

From editing fonts to add tags, paste images and insert links, everything is possible to customise your layout in a what you see is what you get logic preview.

Understanding Layouts

A page layout is composed of the following elements:

  • Header (usually contains the event title, date and location)

  • Sidebar (usually contains more detailed information about venue etc)

  • Body (usually contains an explanation about the event and more information such as an overview of the agenda and topics to be covered)

  • Registration Form (automatically added based on the form selected for a specific event)

  • Footer (usually contains copyright statement, links to privacy policy etc)

Placeholders, with the format {{placeholder_name}} automatically input data from the actual event. So let's say you create a new registration page with an event title "Sample Event" and start date on July 10th. And once you select a page layout, if it includes a placeholder {{}}, it will automatic use the event title specified for that event. Using placeholders means that a single layout can potentially be used for multiple events with little or no need for modifying it.

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