By creating referral links for each referrer, you will be able to track who invited who and track event results back to the origin.

Adding referrers

  1. Find Add a referrer to your event at the bottom of the event page and click Send referral link.

  2. Type in the name and email for the referrer and click send. The referrer will receive a link via email for the registration page which can be used to start inviting guests.

As a consequence, the name of the referrer if any will be displayed for each person that has registered. Referrer info is also included in the spreadsheet report and integrates with the rest of the Eventfuel platform. Meaning that once an event has finished, you will be able to look at the individual survey replies for a specific attendee, compare those answers with those from the registration system and know who the referrer was.

Note: If you need more than one referral link for each event, please contact the Eventfuel team so we may help you create multiple referral links. 

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