The attendee registration profile is the form with the questions a person needs to answer in order to register for your event. Here you can create, edit, choose the form and language you wish to include on the Registration page.

Getting Started

If it is your first time you will find a template form with basic information available but you can easily create your own.

  1. Create a new Form: Navigate to the Forms tab inside Register and click New Form. By default, the form title and questions like first name, last name and email will be added automatically when you create a new form.

  2. Edit fields: You can use the left panel to edit each field name (labels); make the text boxes required or personalise them with suggestions like "Pedro" or an email example "[email protected]" (placeholders).

3. Add more questions: You can also use the left panel to add more questions. From textfields to text areas, drop downs and checkboxes. The live preview reflects how your form will look and behave.

After creating and saving the form, you may use it for multiple events.

Your form in other languages

When creating a new form you will be editing in English. However, after saved, you may translate a form into any of the supported platform languages. To edit in another language, simply select the language you wish to edit in from the top dropdown.

Then once you select or change the language for a registration page, a translation of the selected registration form will automatically be used if available.

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