One of the biggest pain points on running and managing several events is related with the time consuming and difficult task of gathering and manually sharing reports after an event.
Intelligence is a powerful tool that provides a better event overview as well as insights into each attendee, improving the triaging of data for following up with each one. 

Getting started

  1. Create a Report: Navigate to Intelligence & Reports in your event and tap Create Report. Our Wizard will appear to guide you through the process. First, you should create relevant tags such as "Follow Up Now"; "Follow Up 6 months"; "Follow up <Partner Name>" for triaging event attendees. 

2. Share the Report: Type the name, email of the recipient and use the email message field to leave instructions. Tap Create and an email with a link to the report will be sent to that person.

3. Review attendees and tag them accordingly: After receiving the Intelligence report, you and other people will be able to get a better event overview and select one or more tags while reviewing each attendee to accurately act on this information. When tagging attendees, these tags will be added to the attendee report spreadsheet.

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