When organising an event, you may want to improve the attendee experience by providing them with all the event information on a mobile attendee app.

  1. Create a new event on the events page in Create.

2. Fill out some basic information such as the event name (for your own reference), title and start date for your event.

3. Select the attendee app experience. Next, select the content language — this will be the language for the app interface and content.

4. Select an existing event theme or create a new one. 

5. Join your new event on the attendee app. If you have signed it on the app with your email address, the new event will show up on your list automatically. Otherwise, join the event by scanning your personal QR code for this event.

Adding Content

Once the event is created, you can start adding content such as an event agenda, speaker profiles, survey and more. And as you have already joined the event on the attendee app, you will see any changes appear live within seconds.

Next, learn how to build your event agenda.

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