Getting Started

  1. Find your event in the events list on Create and open it.

  2. Select the Agenda tab from the left panel and click Add Agenda Item to create a new item.

  3. Select a start time, end time and write a title. You may then enhance the agenda item with much more.

Managing the agenda

As you add agenda items, these will show up in the Agenda. You may edit existing items just by clicking on them. If your event spans multiple days, simply click + Add Day and select it.

You can delete any session by clicking the Remove button inside each agenda item.

Any changes you make and any items you add will update live on the attendee app.

Content rich agendas

Great agendas not only help attendees knowing what's up next, but they can also help attendees navigate around the venue, discover speakers, leave feedback and more. Here is an overview of all the detail you can add to each individual agenda item:

  • Venue Location: The room name and floor for that session

  • Symbol: a descriptive icon such as a coffee mug for a coffee break

  • Speakers: the list of speakers for that session

  • Summary: a brief summary for the session

  • Related Content: links to relevant websites and attachments such as presentations or images

  • Feedback: let attendees ask questions and comment; and rate the session

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