Surveys are ideal to get global and generic feedback related to your event after they finished.

1. To get started, navigate to the Survey tab on the left panel of your event. Next, click the Add button on the top right to create a new set of questions (you can add multiple question sets and several questions in each set).

You have three options:
New Question Set to create a new survey or add a question to an already existing survey.
New From Template to upload a survey template created previously and edit some question.
Add Locked Set to upload a survey template created previously and no changes are needed (not editable).

2. Add your questions. Each Question can have an open field answer, be single choice, multiple choice or ratings.

For single and multiple choice questions, an other option can be added, so that your attendees can reply with an answer not contemplated in your options.

If you would like your attendees to rate individual sessions, a special type of question is available: talk ratings. Talk ratings automatically add the agenda items you choose to be rated in the survey, as well as a rating on the app page for each agenda item.

In case you still need to complete or change something in your survey, you have always the possibility to hide the survey from attendees in the app just by check the Hidden checkbox in each set of questions.

Note: Session ratings in the survey are the same as in the detail page for an agenda item. Also, attendee tracks are taken into account when displaying session ratings.

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