The best way for your attendees to access your event on the app is by sending them invite emails. Invite emails contain a personalised link which instructs each attendee to download the app and join your event.

Getting Started

  1. First of all, make sure you have reviewed the event content on the app and imported the attendee list.

  2. Select the App Invites tab from the left panel and click New Email.

3. Select an email template and recipients. In this example, we are selecting one of the default templates and selecting everyone who is not part of staff (attendees).

4. Review the email subject and copy. Invite emails always need to contain the App download & login link placeholder.
5. Schedule the email to be sent at a specific time and date or Save it without scheduling.

6. If you didn't schedule the email, you may send it right away or later by clicking Send Now.


  • Send out invite emails at least 3 or 4 days before the event starts.

  • Send a second and event third round of emails to increase adoption.

  • Send a separate invite email to event staff, providing instructions and asking them to also download Manage, the check-in and engagement app for on-site staff.

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