Add multiple users and different teams to your organization account, enabling your team members to collaborate on your events or to run and manage their local events.

Add users to your organization
To enable team members to manage their own events, contact the Eventfuel team. We will set their user profiles and grant them access to Create (the web platform for creating and managing event content). 

Invite team members to help you on your event 

You can add team members to collaborate on your event. Inside your event, just click the Add button on the top right of the Staff List tab and tap New Delegate. 

You also can change a colleague Profile status after importing your attendee list.
Just go to the Attendee List tab inside your event, find your colleague and click on his name to change his Profile status.

You can assign different profiles and app access levels to each team member like Attendee; Speaker; Event Manager or Check-in Staff.

Lastly, visit the App Invite tab on the left panel of your event and send an Staff Invite Email providing a link for your event staff to download the apps (attendee app & staff app) and join your event. Learn more about sending emails...

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