Automatic check in with iBeacon technology is available for most attendees on iOS and Android devices. However, iBeacons should be regarded as a value add for your event check-in and not as a fail safe solution completely replacing check-in staff.

Settings & Compatibility

iBeacon technology uses Bluetooth to transmit, so if an attendee doesn't allow location services for the app or has bluetooth turned off, the iBeacon signal won't be picked up.

Some older devices and configurations are also not compatible. iBeacon technology is supported on iPhone (4S and later), iPad (3rd gen and later), iPad mini (all models), iPad Pro (all models) and most Android devices with Bluetooth 4.0+ running Android 5.0 or later.

Also, keep in mind that event staff cannot login via the self checkin page that opens when an iBeacon is near. Learn more..


As a staff member with the Eventfuel Pilot app, you can quickly check if an attendee has been checked in already and if the attendee has logged in to the app. In case they haven't, the quickest course of action is swiping to mark the attendee as being checked-in and asking them to scan their personal QR code.

Learn more about running check-in

*Eventfuel Pilot is a mobile app for on-site event managers and staff. Pilot provides live check in and engagement metrics, a manual check in page, the ability to send push notifications and live polls; and view live survey results.

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