To run check-in, any staff members need to join the event on Manage, Eventfuel's mobile app for on-site staff. Learn more.

Checking in an attendee

The main page for the check-in tool contains a list of everyone registered to attend. You may filter the list and search for specific attendees by name or email.

  1. Search for an attendee on the list.

  2. Swipe left to right to mark the attendee as being checked-in.

For each attendee on the list, you are also immediately able to see whether that person has been checked in and is already using the app.

If an attendee hasn't joined the event on the app, learn here about downloading the app during check-in at the venue.

Adding walk-ins, viewing and editing attendee information

Tapping on an attendee on a list brings up a detail page, including more information and their personal attendee app QR code. You may edit attendee information by tapping "Edit". Keep in mind that attendees may also edit their personal information, excluding email address, on their attendee app.

To add a walk-in attendee, simply tap "New" on the list and fill in the required information.

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