Recent changes to AppStore policy mean that we (and other event app providers) can no longer release versions of the attendee app with your custom icon and name.

However, our generic Event Access app, in line with AppStore policy, offers a branded placeholder for all your events, meaning that the attendee experience fully reflects your brand and events.


We can still offer apps published with a custom icon and name if your business has its own Apple Developer Account, or is willing to sign up for one.

As the process can take up to several weeks and require many extra steps and preparation, we recommend using our generic Event Access app, unless you are running a larger program featuring many events and/or having a custom entry on the AppStore and Google Play is a requirement from the Marketing/Communications team in your business. 

Getting Started

  1. Sign up for an Apple Developer (Business) Account in case you haven't already. You might require assistance and authorisation from the IT team in your business.

  2. You will need to authorise a developer from our team to publish and manage apps on your behalf.

  3. You will be asked to submit a form containing the app name, icon and other optional assets.

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