The customer facing attendee app not only features event content such as virtual sessions, the agenda and survey - but also marketing assets to theme it accordingly.

Each event can feature its own theme, but in case you are planning a series of similar events, a theme can be used by multiple events.

Main Assets

  1. Banner. The event banner is shown in the event Program tab - when browsing the agenda, virtual sessions and speaker lists. While any aspect ratio is accepted, we recommend a landscape oriented banner as in the example above. If you do not wish to include an event title or additional information in the banner design itself, this can automatically be added above the banner as title text in the UI. The banner should have a resolution of at least 1242-pixel in width to look great on Super Retina displays. The same asset is automatically processed to work both on iOS and iPad OS apps; as well as other devices.

  2. Session Thumbnails. With the introduction of virtual sessions which feature video presentations, a custom (optional) thumbnail can be specified for each session, as seen in the example. The thumbnail should follow the same specs as the event banner. If no thumbnail is provided, the app will automatically use a key-frame from the session video.

  3. Tint Color. The tint color is used to tint any navigation controls such as buttons and links. Make sure the selected tint color offers good contrast both in white and dark modes. It should also ideally match the predominant color in the event banner.

Additional Assets

The app supports flexible content in a few places such as Info Page entries. If you wish to add image assets, please aim for resolutions of at least 2732-pixel in width.

Video assets are delivered via HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), reliably and dynamically adapting to network conditions.

Eventfuel's secure media servers offer post-processing for video assets in order to be delivered via live streaming.

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