Many times there's the need to show different sessions and agendas to different attendees. Using tracks in your events will allow the participants to see in the app the correct agenda session and room assigned to them.

Getting Started 

All events come by default with the Tracks box enabled so you may add them from start. 

The quickest and best way to add Tracks to your event is when importing the attendee list, you will need to add an extra column called Track in your delegates spreadsheet to specify which track or tracks, each attendee has access to. 

First, you should visit the Agenda page and click on all agenda items you want to make visible only to a particular group of attendees. In the Visibility field just type a track name to create a new track. As an example, type 1

Then, in the column called Track of your delegates spreadsheet, type 1 in the attendees you wish to assign this particular agenda session.
If you want to create more tracks, repeat the process and choose different names for new tracks. 

Finally, once the spreadsheet is uploaded, the tracks for each attendee column will be matched with the tracks on the agenda so that each attendee only sees their personalized one.
As an example, if the column in the spreadsheet is called Track, and attendee John Appleseed has 1 written in that column, he will be assigned to track 1

Note: If the Visibility field is empty inside the agenda item, the session will be visible to all attendees.

Related questions

Do I need to setup tracks on the agenda before uploading the attendee list?
No, if you upload the attendee list with a column for tracks, those tracks are automatically added to the track list so you can then edit the agenda and choose between those tracks.

Can I edit agenda or attendee tracks after the event has started?
Yes, even though we suggest setting up tracks before the event starts, editing agenda tracks and the track for each attendee will cause the app to update automatically.

Can I have one attendee with more than one track assigned?
Yes, an agenda item will be visible to any attendee that is assigned to at least one of the tracks for an agenda item.
As an example, if the column in the spreadsheet is called Track, and attendee John Appleseed has 1,2,3 (no spaces between, just commas) written in that column, he will be assigned to sessions 1, 2 and 3. 

Which track should I select to an agenda item becomes visible to everyone?
For your common track agenda items, simply leave the Visibility field empty and the agenda item will be visible to all attendees and staff.

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