A great way to increase session engagement is by sending live polls and showing results on screen as attendees answer the poll — Likewise, Q&A sessions can also benefit by displaying a comments wall or individual questions on stage.

How it works

Before the event

To get started, contact the Eventfuel team and let us know how many stages/rooms will be using Presenter. For each room, you will receive a link for a web visualisation that will display the presentation content.

If a speaker wants to have polls presented on stage, create one (or more) draft polls in the Eventfuel Pilot app for that event (It's definitely more practical to create polls and save them as drafts that creating them during the event). Learn more about sending polls..

Note: Also, for each stage/room, speakers might want to toggle between their content such as a Powerpoint presentation and Eventfuel Presenter. This can be accomplished by switching between both in the presentation computer, or by having separate computers and using an AV switch. AV technicians will usually be able to set this up for you.

During the event

If you are presenting polls, you will find a send button for each poll in your drafts. When sending a poll, you will be asked if you wish to present that poll. As soon as attendees start replying, the results graphics will keep updating automatically.

Presenting the comments wall

Presenting a single question or comment

Can I present a poll as soon as I send it?
Yes, when sending a poll, you will be asked if you wish to present it right away.

We have simultaneous sessions where speakers would like to present live polls and comments. Is this possible?
Yes, we can set up more than one virtual screen to present to. Please be sure that the presentation computer has the correct web visualisation (link) open and when presenting content from the Pilot app, you will be asked which screen to present to. 

Note: Also keep in mind that in this scenario, you should only send a poll to attendees in the correct track.

Which web browsers are compatible with Eventfuel Presenter? And how can I make the visualisation full screen?
The web visualisation can be opened in any modern web browser such as Safari or  Chrome. Most browsers have a full screen functionality, enabling the comments wall and live polls to be displayed full screen.

Can we have more than one event staff member sending polls and presenting them?
Yes, every event staff member with access to the Pilot app can have their own set of draft polls to send throughout the event. They should, however, be careful not to present overlapping content to a particular screen or to the incorrect one.

Can we present polls that have already been sent?
Yes, browse to Sent Polls in the Engagement page, find the poll which you would like to present and swipe left-to-right.

Can we present questions and comments only for a specific session?
Yes, browse to Manage Comments and in the navigation bar, you will be able to show comments for all sessions or only a specific one.

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