Live polls are a great companion to the event survey. Unlike an event survey which is usually a bit more generic, polls let you send single questions throughout the event that are specific to a topic or time sensitive.

When sending a poll, attendees immediately see the question on the app so they can answer. Polls are also delivered as a push notification to draw attention and after answering, polls remain visible in the attendee app's Activity page.

Getting started

Polls are managed in the Pilot app's Engagement page. To create a new poll, tap the New button and select Live Poll.

The first step is selecting an audience, followed by question type and finally the question itself and possible answers, if applicable. You may also choose to hide poll results from your attendees.

After sending a poll, you may find it in your Sent Polls. Tapping a poll will show live updating results.
You may also export poll results after the event as an excel/csv file from Ground Control.

Draft Polls

You or your on-site staff will probably be very busy during the event, so Pilot lets you create polls before the event and save as drafts for sending later. To do this, create a new poll and when done, choose to save as draft instead of sending it right away.

You will then find them in your Draft Polls, so when you wish to send one, just find it in the list and tap send. You may also delete drafts that are no longer relevant.

Note: Please keep in mind that all polls (and notifications) you create, can only be accessed and sent from the iOS device you used to create them. If you want other event managers and staff to be responsible for polls they will need to create and send them from their iOS devices.

Can I send a poll only to a specific group of attendees?
Yes, if you have a multi-track agenda, you can choose to deliver a poll only to attendees within a specific track or tracks.

What question types are supported for polls?
Polls can be single; multiple choice questions; ratings or an open answer.

How can I hide poll results from attendees?
When creating a new poll, you have an option to hide results from attendees. This means an attendee will be able to answer a poll but not see results afterwards.

Will attendees who login now view any polls I sent earlier?
Yes, if you sent a poll to all attendees and they were already imported into the delegates list, they will see those polls in their Activity page.
Note: If you want to try out polls before an event, please be sure to only select Staff as recipients.

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