Push notifications are a great way of communicating with your guests.
"Thank you for joining us here today" — "Please make your way into the main hall. The keynote starts in 5 minutes" — "Visit our partner booth in the Foyer to discover what's new!" — "Your feedback is important, please take a few minutes to fill out the survey".

When sending a notification, attendees get your message as a push notification. The notification will also be displayed in the app's Activity page.

Getting started

Notifications are managed in the Manage app's Engagement page. To create a new push notification, tap the New button and select Push Notification.

The first step is selecting an audience, followed by your message. You can also optionally select an action, such as opening the survey page on the app when attendees tap on the notification.

After sending a push notification, you may find it in your Sent Notifications.

Draft Notifications

You or your on-site staff will probably be very busy during the event, so we strongly advise you to prepare before the event starts all Push Notifications and Polls.

The Manage app lets you create these before the event and save as drafts for sending later. To do this, just create a new notification and when done, choose to save as draft instead of sending it right away.

You will then find them in your Draft Notifications, so when you wish to send one, just find it in the list and tap send. You may also delete drafts that are no longer relevant.

Note: Please keep in mind that all notifications (and polls) you create, can only be accessed and sent from the iOS device you used to create them. If you want other event managers and staff to be responsible for notifications they will need to create and send them from their iOS devices.

Is it possible to remove previous push notifications? No, a push notification once sent can't be "undone" as this is a limitation of push notifications themselves.
Anyways, if you are sending test notifications, these won't appear to people who haven't yet logged in to the app. Delegates will only start to see and getting notifications once they login into the app. 

Can I send push notifications only to a specific group of attendees?
Yes, if you have a multi-track agenda, you can choose to deliver a notification only to attendees within a specific track or tracks. You can also send a notification exclusively to event staff.

Do notifications always appear as push notifications?
No, if an attendee has the app open, the message will appear in the app itself. If an attendee has the device locked or is using another app, the message appears as a push notification.
Keep in mind, however, that some attendees might not allow push notifications for the app. Or they might have configurations that hide push notification messages. Also, keep in mind that iOS and Android display handle these differently and offer users different options.

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