Questions and comments are a great way to let your guests clarify any doubt or leave feedback in a particular topic session.

When an attendee makes a question or comment, all participants in that session (including speakers) will be able to see them immediately so they can comment or answer, increasing that way your sessions engagement.

Getting started

Each session on the agenda app has a box where attendees can leave their feedback. That way comments and questions can be always related to a specific session/agenda item.

As an attendee, the only step required is to open a particular session, write a reply and tap the Send button.
After providing feedback, comments and questions will remain visible to all inside each session. 

Note: As a manager, you can manage or delete questions and comments anytime in the Pilot app's Engagement page. You can also export the attendee's comments/questions feedback as an excel/csv file from Ground Control after the event.

Can an attendee delete a Comment or Question?
Yes, attendees are able to edit and delete Comments and Questions by swiping left their text.

What's the difference between Comments/Questions and Live Polls?
While Comments and Questions are great to let your attendees leave feedback or make questions to a Speaker, Live Polls are indicated to Managers and Speakers send single questions throughout the event that are specific to a topic/session or time sensitive.

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