The Attendee app allows attendees to search and find other event participants (including staff) and also, to send them Messages. 

Getting started

As an attendee, the only step required to find other event participants is to open the Networking tab in the Attendee app to see the list.

To send a message the attendee just needs to select the other attendee he wants to chat with and start writing.

Attendees can see all their conversations in the Messages tab:

Are all the attendee's profiles visible?

It depends on the participant choice. If he decided to share or not is profile publicly when he did the login.

What attendees have to do to make their profile visible?

When the delegate is logging in in the event he can choose to share or not his basic profile.
The delegate needs to check the Share profile in order to other attendees may view is profile. Also, he can change is visibility status at any time just by tapping on the profile icon.

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