Event content such as the agenda, speaker profiles and even dynamic content, such as other attendee profiles and chat conversations update automatically on the attendee app. However, due to several factors, updates might not be synced or synced after a delay.

Please keep in mind that content updates are usually fast but might take up to a few minutes depending on connectivity.

Internet connectivity

Eventfuel relies on internet connectivity to update content on the app. If you or an attendee is experiencing an issue, please make sure the smartphone or tablet is connected to the internet. Keep in mind that the WiFi signal might show a connection even if internet connectivity is down, specially in networks with captive portals. Open the web browser to confirm if access to the internet exists.

Android specific troubleshooting

There are hundreds of different Android phones running different versions of the operating system, making troubleshooting more challenging. However, if content on the app appears not to be updating:

  • Ask the attendee to open Settings on their Android device. Then tap on Apps and select the Eventfuel attendee app you are using. Tap Clear Data and Clear Cache.

If the previous procedure doesn't work, try removing and re-installing the app.

iOS specific troubleshooting

If event content appears not to be updating on the iOS app:

  • Kill the app and re-open.

If the previous procedure doesn't work, try logging out from the event and logging back in.

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