The attendee experience

If your attendees have the app on their personal devices but haven't logged in yet, a self check-in page shows up once they approach an iBeacon. If you are handing out devices, you may hand them out with this page open.

Attendees can then join the event by logging in with their name or email. When they login, they will also be automatically marked as being checked-in at the venue.

For attendees who have the app on their personal devices and have logged in already, they will be marked as checked-in when arriving at the venue.

Setup for organisers

  1. Access your event from the calendar view at
  2. Select the Beacons tab from your event side menu.
  3. Click the + button to add a new self check-in iBeacon.
  4. Select the one you would like to use from the list, and choose a time range in which it should be active. This should usually coincide with the event itself.
  5. Before check-in starts, place your iBeacon(s) in the check-in area of the venue.

Video tutorial

Common questions

How many iBeacons do I need to configure for one event?

One iBeacon is usually enough, unless your check-in area spans different rooms or a very big area.

I have many identical iBeacons, how can I distinguish between them?

If your iBeacons are provided by Eventfuel, these will have an ID written in the beacon.

Should I stick my iBeacons to a surface?

iBeacons manufactured by Estimote can only be stuck to a surface once. So if you run events at different venues, leave the protective film on and simply place your beacons at a check-in desk for example.

How can I check if an iBeacon is working?

  1. Set up a self check-in iBeacon, making sure its time range covers your now.
  2. Open the attendee app on a device and make sure it is not logged in to any event.
  3. The self check-in page should automatically appear within a few seconds.

The Pilot app for staff can also transmit as a self check-in iBeacon, should I use that also?

You should only need to use the Pilot app to transmit as an iBeacon when physical ones are not available. Physical iBeacons are more reliable and transmit constantly, as opposed to the Pilot app, which only transmits when the app is open and running on foreground.


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