Probably the first impression your attendees will have of your event is check-in. So providing a queue free and seamless experience is crucial.

Eventfuel Pilot

Eventfuel provides event staff with Pilot, a mobile app for iOS designed only, for event managers and staff. Pilot, besides the Check in page, provides you with a dashboard containing live metrics such as how many attendees are logged in to the mobile app, how many have been checked in at the venue, plus other engagement metrics.
If you are viewing the event on your iPhone or iPad, you will see a cog icon on the top left of the app (only visible to event managers and staff).
Tapping it jumps to the Pilot app.

Checking in attendees at the venue

As your attendees arrive, use the Pilot app Check in page to mark them as such. To do so, find the attendee on the list and swipe him left to right. If your event has many guests, the search field is a fast way to search for specific attendees by name, email or company. Please be aware this is a case-sensitive field. This means that the search field needs to be correctly filled (including accents).

Helping attendees log in to the app

Some attendees might have downloaded the app but didn't log in, or they might have missed the invite email altogether.

If that's the case, simply ask them to search and download Eventfuel app (or your custom branded app) on their device if they haven't already, while you tap their name in the check in page list (Pilot app) to see each attendee QR code.
After the download, attendees just need to tap the Scan Code button and use the app to scan their QR code and login in the event with their profile. Learn more..

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