If you are running an event with multiple sessions and agendas, you can scale up the process by enabling your staff members to only see in the Attendee app (Access) the correct agenda session and room assigned to each staff group so they can easily navigate around and know where they are supposed to be at each given time.

Getting started

  1. Setup multi track event agenda: Build your event agenda and assign tracks for each session. Learn more about multi track agendas.

  2. Add staff members: Navigate to Staff List in your event and Add a New Attendee. Apart of name and email, select the profile you wish for that staff member, such as Check in Staff. If you have already imported your staff members in the attendee import, click on them and simply select the correct staff profile for each one.

3. Assign tracks: While editing or adding a staff member, assign each one to tracks. This means that once they join the event on the attendee app, they will be able to see a personalised agenda based on their specific track assignment.

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