For venue check-in using Manage, providing attendees with the attendee app or sending out the web survey, a delegates list must first be imported to your event in Create.

Getting Started

Regardless of the registration system you use, it should be able to export the attendee list in Excel spreadsheet format. The file should contain columns at least for first name, last name [or full name] and email.

To import attendees from Eventfuel Register, start by downloading your attendee list spreadsheet from there — then follow the steps in this article.

Importing from Spreadsheet

  1. Find your event in the events list on Create and open it.

  2. Select the Attendee List tab from the left panel, click Add and select Attendees from Spreadsheet.

3. Next, select the attendee list spreadsheet you wish to upload.

4. If you have previously uploaded an attendee list with the same columns, you're all set. Otherwise, we'll ask you to name your new mapping and review / match each column with an attribute we can recognise. If a column contains irrelevant data, match it as metadata.

5. Click Start Import. If your attendee list contains hundreds or thousands of attendees, the upload might take a few minutes. Once the import is done, you will see an overview of all imported attendees.

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