1. Email invites are sent to download the app.

Once an event is created and the attendee list is imported, App download email invites may be sent out to attendees via your Eventfuel account.

Invites are sent via email and contain a link to download the app. Once the link is tapped, a page is shown with a button to download the app from the AppStore or Google Play. Once the app is downloaded, attendees will automatically be logged into the correct event.

If an attendee opens the email from his or her computer, the instructions will guide them to open the email on their smartphone, or alternatively, download the app on their phones and then scan their personal QR code for that event.

2. Downloading the app during check-in at the venue

Even if you sent app download invites, a few attendees might arrive without the app installed. In that case, instruct them to search for the attendee app on the AppStore or Google Play. After the app is downloaded:

  • Search for the attendee name on Manage (Eventfuel's app for on-site staff) and tap to bring up their personal QR code, which they may scan from the attendee app to join.

  • Alternatively, turn the Manage app in a check-in iBeacon. Once an attendee opens the app they should see a self check-in page within seconds. They may join by typing their name or email.

If you are handing out iPads or iPhones with the app pre-installed, please refer to this article instead.

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