The app for your event (or events), not only contains your agenda, speaker profiles and other content, but is also themed accordingly.

Eventfuel displays a banner in the Program page of your event above the agenda. The second customisable theming element is the tint color in which all buttons are painted.

How to get started?

Ask your design team for a banner asset for your event app. This banner should have a resolution of at least 1024px width (2048px recommended for best quality on high resolution displays such as Retina) and variable height.

Even though height is variable, we recommend a high width to heigh ratio, so that the banner does not steal too much vertical space from the event agenda.

If you choose to include text, such as event title and location in the banner image, make sure it is big enough to be readable on a smartphone.

Finally, select a tint color for the app buttons. We recommend a color that matches the banner and offers good contrast against white backgrounds.

Can a theme be reused for multiple events?

Yes, all themes are saved and can be reused for multiple events if you run an events program. If you display text, such as the event title on top of the banner, our team will setup a dynamic banner where the overlay title changes based on event name.

Do I need a custom branded app in the AppStore and Google Play to have my own event theme?

No, a custom branded app means you can select a name and icon for your app, instead of providing attendees with a non-branded one. However, the theme for each event is always customisable.

I want to include extra assets such as venue maps and sponsor material, should I add those to the banner?

Eventfuel provides an option Info page in the app, which can be used to display venue maps and related assets such as sponsor content and links.

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